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What Local Professionals Say about the Book?

“When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates can Succeed in Myanmar” is the best-selling book about Myanmar, new release 2019

I really enjoyed reading the book. Hana has managed to cover some very common cultural quirks of Myanmar and very useful tips on how to get around this. A good read and a valuable resource for sure! As a Myanmar repat and HR professional, I’d recommend the book to any expats who are working in Myanmar and want to collaborate successfully with local workforce. Htet Aung, HR Director, Ooredoo Myanmar

We bought “When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates can Succeed in Myanmar” for all of our expatriates in our organization and also for Myanmar managers. The book indeed fills in the long overdue needs for expatriates in Myanmar. It offers understanding of contemporary Myanmar people’s attitude in politics, history and culture which is hard to understand for expats. The presentation of the book is straight forward and fun to read.” Thurein Maung Maung, Senior Program Coordinator, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.

Hana Bui’s book is full of effective supports to expatriates doing business or working in Myanmar. The book offers an absorbing understanding about Myanmar country, culture and local people. It answers the question “How to work well with the Burmese?”. It is thanks to her time of living and working with local people in Myanmar, her educational background, and her survey of over 150 expats and local professionals.

I met Hana personally since she first came here. I have seen her making good friends with Myanmar people and it has well assisted her in doing business in Myanmar. Saw Hla Chit, Managing Director, SST tourism

This book is not just guidelines for expatriates in Myanmar. I would recommend it to all professionals working in Myanmar including repatriates and locals. Hana candidly write the views from both sides! This book will definitely help both global and local readers to understand their cultural differences in order to work together for a betterment of our community.  Cho Cho Khine, CPA (Singapore) ACCA, Finance Manager, Myanmar Strategic Holdings

As a local professional, I find the book very straight forward and presents a thorough understanding of Myanmar people.  It can give new knowledge and perspectives to both expats and locals. The points the book made are true about Myanmar people, even sometimes some locals are not easy to accept them.

 A must read for expatriates in Myanmar. Kyaw Zin Htun, Head of PR and Communications, Iflix Myanmar

The book explains very well about our culture and people. It contains a lot of interesting information, stories, and useful guidelines for expats to work in harmony with locals.

If expats (and locals also) spend time to read this book and apply its suggestions, I believe communication between expats and locals in the workplace will be much improved, and so is the business performance. There are many times that my local colleagues and I wish that expats would understand Myanmar country and people better. Then we would do our best to support our foreign managers. Yati Htay, Finance Manager, International Company

At the book launch 10th Mar, 2019, Pansuriya Gallery

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