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HOW Intercultural Workshop is conducted?

How is it conducted? (1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour – online or offline)

It is tailor-made, interactive and learner-centered for a small group.

It equips expats with the key social and business practices and etiquettes in Myanmar.

It decodes the Burmese culture values through its key belief, attitude, and mindset.

It explores how culture shapes management practices in Myanmar and provide effective solutions to it. It analyzes the key cultural indicators and behavioiur patterns of local colleagues by looking at typical management situations from the “intercultural lenses”. It reveals the most common cultural conflicts in Myanmar and how to avoid them!

Intercultural tools used in the workshop:

Culture Self-assessment – the start of cultural quotient

Cultural Contrast – far beyond East vs West

Country “Parcel” – a guide to plug yourself into the Golden Land

What to expect from Intercultural Workshop?

It targets at critical preparation for an expat’s not-easy journey in the Golden Land. It enables expats to adapt and integrate quickly and effectively. It aids them in pinpointing the possible hurdles lying ahead. It facilitates expats’ understanding of Burmese colleagues and how to get the best cooperation from them.

For expats to succeed in Myanmar, it remarkably enhances the participants’ ability to overcome their “Achilles’ heel”their biggest challenge: the cultural conflicts.

The book “When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates can Succeed in Myanmar” – The Best-Selling Book about Myanmar. New Release 2019

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VIRTUAL Intercultural Workshop or Coaching

WHY Taking Intercultural Workshop?

TESTIMONIALS of Intercultural Workshop

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