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TESTIMONIALS of Intercultural Workshop

“Hana’s intercultural training is a must for expats who want to succeed in their assignment and be happy during their stay in Myanmar. It will equip you to prepare for the inevitable culture shock! You’d wish you would have gone through this orientation prior to the start of your assignment!.”  Jayson Sardino, CFO, Coca Cola Pinya Myanmar

Hana’s intercultural workshop brings home the key points for expatriates living and working in Myanmar. She is a good communicator and the workshop is enjoyable and rewarding! Highly recommended! Mark Wakeford, Chief Executive Officer, Exera (Security) Myanmar

The intercultural training carried out by Hana Bui was very helpful. It aids me and my family to integrate our lives faster in Myanmar, both professionally and personally. Junaid Khatana,  Head of Supply Chain, BAT Myanmar

Hana took me on a journey, sharing me valuable insight in the culture of this beautiful and basically only recently opened country….Priceless knowledge and guidance! Pieter Das, Consultant, Rabo Bank, the Netherlands

Hana Bui’s workshop was an eye opener!. I have lived in Yangon for years but she made me see things about Myanmar that I had missed before. Her intercultural insights are priceless. Ben McGrath, Director, Yangon Creative Solutions

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