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Myanmar Cultural Awareness Workshop

The workshop is conducted by Hana Bui, Intercultural Trainer and Bestselling Author of the book “When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates Can Succeed in Myanmar”


  • Time: 6 hours, 3 hours/ session
  • Venue: Online
  • Method: tailor-made, interactive, and learner-centered for a small group (max 6 expatriates)
  • Capacity: This workshop is limited to 6 pax only. First-come, first-served registartion.
  • Price: 200 USD for members, 250 USD for non-members of CCI France Myanmar
  • Who should attend:
    • Expatriates working in Myanmar or coming to Myanmar
    • Expatriates managing teams in Myanmar remotely
  • Objective: To get the best cooperation from Myanmar colleagues in challenging time by understanding the culture, the people, and the current chaotic situation.

1. Culture and the expats’ biggest challenge of working overseas

  • Culture shock and the adjustment curve
  • The visible and invisible parts of culture 
  • Understand your own cultural heritage to understand other cultures
  • The biggest challenge of expats working overseas and in Myanmar

2. Understand Myanmar culture 

  • A sketch of the country: history, politics and economy
  • Key culture values of the country, plus key beliefs and attitudes
  • The Culture Contrast: Your own culture vs the country’s culture 
  • Cultural conflicts between expats and locals in Myanmar 
  • An update about the current situation – the difficulties that your Myanmar colleagues are facing

3. How to get the best cooperation from Myanmar colleagues in challenging times.

  • The local business practices and business etiquettes
  • What do Myanmar people think and feel at the moment?
  • What are the causes of current intercultural conflicts?
  • How to communicate and manage local colleagues during this time
  • How to foster relationships and build up trust with local colleagues during this time 

4. Living in Myanmar 

  • Public Behaviours, Social Etiquettes and the expat ghetto
  • Clothing, Dining, and Entertaining
  • Communication, Transportation, Health and Safety 
  • Holidays and Travel

5.    Reflection and handy tips

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