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Workshop – Bridging the cultural gaps for national and international colleagues in Myanmar

CCI France Myanmar offers the workshop “Bridging the cultural gaps for national and international colleagues” to get the best collaboration under this challenging time in Myanmar. The trainer is Hana Bui.

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It includes three separate sessions plus the trainer’s report about issues and expectations of both international and national sides when working together and recommendations to achieve the best organizational collaboration in Myanmar.
Moderator and Consultant: Hana Bui, intercultural trainer and bestselling author about Myanmar who is currently living in Yangon.
Who should attend:
International organizations in Myanmar and coming to Myanmar
International organizations with remote management of expatriates
Myanmar organizations hiring expatriates
Bridging the cultural gaps between national and international colleagues for the best collaboration under the unstable and challenging time in Myanmar
• Interactive and tailor-made with a coaching approach
• The facilitator will provide key questions for participants’ preparations before the sessions
• 2-hour session with the representative of national/Myanmar employees (max 7
people with good English skills from various functions and locations). It is to
empower Myanmar colleagues to “speak out” freely. They can do it much easier
talking with a third professional party (the moderator).
Topics: issues when working with expatriates in this challenging time and
expectation about how expatriates should work with them
• 1-hour session with the expatriates of the company (max 5 people).
Topics: issues when working with Myanmar colleagues and expectation about how Myanmar colleagues should work with them. Updates about the current feelings
and thoughts of Myanmar colleagues.
• 3-hour joint session (both sides together): it is to introduce Myanmar culture and reveal the possible misunderstandings between both sides. It helps both sides
speak out and interact openly about their issues when working together, under the trainer’s moderation. It will help improve the effectiveness of intercultural
communication in the organization.
Topics: Updates of the current situation in Myanmar, Myanmar cultural values and business practices – related issues and feedback from both sides, facilitation for
mutual understanding and improving intercultural communication.
• The final report provided by the consultant Hana Bui: about issues and
expectations of both international and national sides and recommendations for
achieving the best intercultural collaboration under this challenging time.

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