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What Expat Readers Say about the Book?

“When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates can Succeed in Myanmar” is the best-selling book about Myanmar in 2019

The EU Ambassador to Myanmar (H.E Ranieri Sabatucci) posted the book on Twitter

If you are looking to get valuable insights about working in and with Myanmar people, “When Global Meets Local…in Myanmar” is definitely a very good book, with useful and practical tips. Well done Hana Bui! This book should be included as a reference in our guide for expats in Myanmar. Nicolas Delange, Managing Director Yever, Chairman EuroCham Myanmar

An excellent book!. “When Global Meets Local” is very engaging, very typical, and very helpful! Asit Rath, CEO, Prudential Life Insurance

“When Global Meets Local” is the equivalent of the Lonely Planet guide for expatriates working in Myanmar!. It is an excellent book to help understand the local culture and how to avoid mishaps.  It aids expats in safe navigating important local customs which must not be ignored.  Mark Wakeford, CEO, Exera Myanmar

We have bought 20 books for our international volunteers!. It is very beneficial to help them overcome culture shock and become adaptable quickly in their placement! Gin Suum, Country Representative, Cuso International

A must-read for all foreigners in Myanmar!. Helena Crosser, Head of Upper Primary and Secondary, International School

It is the best book I have seen on Myanmar culture!. I have been here for 6 years and I still have so much to learn. C.L.P, Senior Business Lecturer, from Europe

Essential Reading for Myanmar HR Problem! The book’s content is well written and definitely gives an insider overview that is essential to understand a complicated culture that permeates all aspects of society. This book will inspire you and help you dealing with complex HR dilemmas in Myanmar. Enjoy it!!! Gabriele Villa, Founder and CEO of iD Creative Solutions

The book conveys various issues I faced at workplace while working in Myanmar! I’m feeling much more optimistic going to office next week after reading your book!. R.M, Project Manager, International Finance Company

The book is easy to read, straight to the point, informative and useful for expats working in Myanmar. Highly recommended! Giuseppe Sardone, PhD, Head of Organization Development, Shwe Taung Group

Finally, a book that truly helps expats to understand how to get the best out of the Myanmar workforce is materialized!. The book explains how to help your local colleagues and staff to become dedicated, hardworking and eager to learn people. Without their positive co-operation, an expat cannot realize his mission in Myanmar.

The book also signals what can go wrong if you don’t know how to read the signs.

This should be compulsory reading on the first working day in Myanmar for every expat. Edwin Briels – Managing Director, Khiri Travel Myanmar

The joy of writing

You are cordially invited – Book launch of “When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates Can Succeed In Myanmar?”

I have worked in Myanmar for 2 years. Therefore, I can see what Hana Bui shared in this book is very important. You will never know how important it is until you read it/ or experience it. Trang Hoang, authorpreneur and founder of San Qua Que.

An indispensable reference guide for professionals – entrepreneurs and managers alike – working in the Myanmar context. It is an engaging book and a most helpful guide through day-to-day life and doing business in Myanmar. Hana Bui presents a wealth of authentic stories and draws accurate conclusions regarding Myanmar’s business culture from these. The book provides fundamental factors for successfully navigating expatriate assignments in Myanmar. Felix Haas, Independent Public and Private Consultant

It is practical in its approach, with emphasis on observation and reflection. It provides guidance of how to handle situations that arise due to the culture and experiences of the local population. You, as the foreigner, must learn to adapt and do not expect to change the local behavior overnight.

I’d recommend it to anyone going to Myanmar! Donald W. Conrad, Ex – ORT Sr. Technical Advisor, Myanmar National Skills Development Training Program

The book is a big surprise to me about level of comprehensive information about Myanmar!. Even though I tried to spend as much available time exploring the beautifully golden land during my 3-year assignment to understand the local people, culture and history.

This is a live story of stories about Myanmar! I can feel Hana Bui’s passion, dedication, and love in every here and there of the book. Among all the real-life examples, practical lessons and essential advice, one notable thing for expats to succeed in Myanmar, as the book points out, is that being trustworthy is a must-have thing!.

I am sure it is greatly beneficial to a newcomer! Thang Nguyen, Ex-Financial Controller, Schlumberger Logelco Myanmar

An excellent book for both expats and locals. Learning from others’ experience allows us to leap forward.  This is the guide to read before one works in Myanmar! Helena Jane, Software Consultant, Myanmar Organization

The book is amusing, sometimes thrilling yet informative and very helpful. There are lots of tips and tricks on how to work well with Burmese people. Full of real-life stories which have never been written before about the cultural conflicts between expats and locals here. It amazes me though I have been here for two years. “What locals think about foreigners” chapter is very gripping! David Smith, Director, Non-Governmental Organization

At the book lauch 10th Mar, 2019, Pansuriya Gallery
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