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Looking things from different perspectives – number 6 or 9

Do you think it is number 6 or 9? It depends on from where you view it actually!

49.43 Hana’s Contribution to the Intercultural ToolboxThe 6/9 perspective image


Intercultural Toolbox shows: My sharing about how to write the bestselling book “When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates can Succeed in Myanmar”. Taking this opportunity, I mentioned the situation of millions of amiable Myanmar people being in need for humanitarian aids. (I actually meet them daily…).
It is on the audio show at 22:50, video show at 23:30

Show notes
August 11, 2021

In this episode, interculturalist Hana Bui gives some personal and cultural context for her work in Myanmar and we hear how writing and publishing her first book led her onto the best seller list in her category on Amazon.

Video chapters

2.00 Hana’s storyOrigins, work, publishing

3.10 The opening of MyanmarWhat it was like to end six decades of isolation.

6.44 More of Hana’s story Travel, co-founding Hotjobs Myanmar, studying globalisation in Leicester, UK and some inspirational books.

15.00 Books about cultures Doing a deep analysis as well as providing a practical how-to guide. Other books that are available about cultures.

16.00 When Global Meets local – the theme Myanmar culture dates back thousands of years. Foreigners bring in the global.

19.44 About Myanmar Current problems and a historical intercultural analysis.

28.42 About the book About working with a publisher… or not. The writing schedule. Skilling up for publishing and writing.

33.00 The research and writing process Brian Tracey’s books on Sales. Professional support on editing, graphic design

39.40 Marketing the book Test marketing, book launch, using the media and influencers

46.00 What to do after Book OnePlans for future books. Lessons learned from last book.

49.43 Hana’s Contribution to the Intercultural ToolboxThe 6/9 perspective image

54.22 Contact

How to get in touch with Hana Bui

Culture Count

In order of frequency, these cultures came up during this conversation:

Myanmar, Vietnam, South East Asia, Cambodia, England, Finland, Laos, Thailand, USA

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